Online Craps Strategy

When it comes to winning at any casino game, the main focus should be reducing the house edge as much as possible. The Come and Pass Line bets are great ways to do this, and they are both considered points-based bets by many casinos and their patrons.

How Points-Based Bets Work

After the first roll of the dice in craps--known as the come-out roll--the player will be given the option to place bets that are based on the total sum of the dice; this sum is known as the point. Some bets require players to roll a certain sum and others require players to match the sum of the point before they roll any other number combination. Two of the most popular point-based bets are the Come bet and the Pass Line bet, which are described in greater detail below.

The Come Bet

Taking a closer look at the Come bet, players will notice that they can effectively reduce the house edge to as low as 1.4%. To win, players must roll a seven or 11; they will lose if they roll a two, three or 12. If anything else is rolled, this becomes a Come Point and the player must roll this sum again before rolling a seven or they lose the hand. Though this may seem complicated, the odds of winning are actually rather high--at least when compared with some of the other bet options in the game of Craps.

The Pass Line Bet

The Pass Line bet is very similar to the Come bet, though it can only be placed before the come-out roll. Again, players who manage to roll a seven or 11 on their first roll will win and players who roll a two, three or 12 lose. If the player rolls any other number combination, this is known as the point. Similar to the Come bet, the player must re-roll the sum of the point before rolling a seven or they lose.

Craps is a game that combines luck with the ability to skillfully place bets. Players who make the most of the Come and Pass Line bets are those most likely to succeed in the long run.