Online Craps History

Though no one is really sure where the game of craps began, history has shown that the six-sided die has been used in many cultures容ven since before the days of record-keeping. The following information provides some insight into the unofficial history of the game.

Great Britain

Many countries today accept that the game of craps as it is known today was derived from an old English game known as Hazard. This game was enjoyed many centuries ago by people of all social standings, whether they were royalty or servants. As politics gained popularity and more and more countries began to develop their governments, the game spread all over and was eventually known and popular throughout Europe.

American Soldiers

While most people agree that craps was developed in Great Britain, most people are reminded of images of American soldiers playing the game to pass the time while away at war. This has certainly been documented as early as the Civil War era, though the history of the game in the US may be older still. These days, it is popular in nearly every casino in the country and people come from miles around for a shot at winning big.

Lack of Information

Since craps is one of the oldest casino games known to man, it comes as no surprise that there is very little history surrounding the game. Though many countries have attempted to lay claim to the origins of the game, the truth is that historians will probably never know the exact starting place. Regardless of this, craps is a game that can be found worldwide and provides plenty of thrills for gamblers of all types.

The general consensus is that craps began in England and came over the United States with the original settlers. Whether or not this is true makes no difference, as craps players around the world are only concerned with winning here and now.