Online Craps Odds

Like all other casino games on the internet and in bricks-and-mortar casinos, craps is governed by a set of odds that determine any player's chances of winning. Understanding these odds will help players make smarter bets, in turn allowing them to win more frequently.

Odds of Rolling Certain Combinations

There are specific odds associated with rolling any combination of numbers in craps. For instance, the odds of rolling a two--or 'snake eyes'-- at any given point are about 2.78%. Since there is more than one way to roll a three, the odds of getting this total are 5.56%. There are even more ways to roll a four and the odds of doing so are 8.83%. The odds of rolling a six are just over 13%, making it one of the most likely combinations in the game. In general, the more ways there are to achieve a certain number, the higher the probabilities of rolling it become.

Combinations Higher than Six

If you are looking to roll combinations of numbers that are higher than six, the probabilities begin to go down. A seven is the most likely outcome in the game with odds of 16.67%, but the odds fall from here. As an example, there are fewer combinations that equal eight, so the odds of rolling an eight fall to 13.89%. Further down the scale, the odds of rolling a nine are 11.11%, the odds of getting 10 are 8.83% and the odds of rolling an 11 are 5.56%. The odds of rolling 12 mimic the odds of rolling 2 as there is only a single way to do so; these odds are 2.78%.

Using the Odds to Your Advantage

Once players are aware of the odds of rolling certain numbers, they can use this information to their advantage. There are multiple bets in the game of craps that require the player to 'guess' which number will be rolled next, so players should remember to bet safely. As an example, the odds of rolling a seven or eight are much higher than the odds of rolling a one, two or 12.

Understanding the odds associated with the game of craps can help players make safer, smarter bets and keep themselves in the running for a longer period of time. Free craps rooms are great venues for testing your knowledge before spending real money.