Online Craps Using Odds

Though craps is known to be one of the more complicated casino games, it is still one of the most popular. Players who familiarize themselves with the odds have a much better chance of winning more money in the long run.

Chance vs. Skill

Like many casino games, craps is a game that is almost solely comprised of luck, though the decisions a player makes can have quite an influence on the amount of money they win. There is nothing a player can do to influence the way the dice land, but that player can certainly place smart bets that have fairly decent odds. While those who roll with the odds are often able to win often enough to justify gameplay, players who dare to defy the odds often end up empty-handed.

Decreasing the House Edge

The first thing players should concern themselves with is decreasing the house edge as it relates to craps. Though this may seem relatively impossible, players can manipulate these odds ever so slightly by choosing bets like Come, Don't Come, Pass and