Online Craps Betting Tips

Online craps can be a confusing and intimidating game, primarily because of the many different betting options to choose from. Before you hit the craps table, take the time to learn more about online craps betting and you'll improve your winning potential.

Understanding the Game of Craps

When it comes to placing bets in online craps, there are two basic options. You can make the pass line bet or you can bet on the point. Point bets win when the chosen number is rolled before the shooter rolls a seven and there are several different betting combinations that can be selected. If you're new to craps, stick to a basic pass line or point bet until you're familiar with the game. Placing Craps Bets

The online craps table is set up in the same way as a craps table in a live casino. By clicking the appropriate buttons, you can place your chips on the appropriate bet. Simply select the number you want to wager on, and then enter the amount you would like to bet. Once your bet is made, the game will begin and the shooter will make the first throw.

Understanding Craps Odds

The payout odds in craps are not the same as the actual odds of a number being rolled. To get the best odds, you'll need to pay attention to the house advantage that each bet carries. The points 4 and 10, for example, are accompanied by a 6.67% casino edge with payout odds of 2 to 1. These numbers, however, are the least likely to win. The numbers 6 and 8 have the lowest edge and the best winning potential.

There's no reason to be intimidated by the online craps table. Take the time to learn more about online craps betting and you'll be winning in no time.